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Sculpting the future by kitkatyj Sculpting the future by kitkatyj
Submission for Chirpy-chi's "Crystal" contest! 
Mini drawing contest! :DEDIT 21/03/2017: About two more weeks to go gais and it seems I only have two entries so far, this is gonna really be a mini contest if there are no new entries. So waddya waiting for? If you wanna join, do make the most of the time left ^u^
Hey, guys! Some of you might be aware of this from a previous poll I did. Since there was a decent number of interest in it, I thought of going ahead and hosting my first ever contest ^u^ Please bear with me as I go through some base rules on how to enter.


The theme for this drawing contest will be "Crystals". How you'll interpret it will be up to you, you can go ahead and make it literally about crystals or have a more abstract sense of the word, like a lake that is clear as a crystal or something. I will however, not accept if the word "Crystal" is just slapped on a totally unrelated piece of art. That's just lazy now.You MUST include at least one of my own OCs listed in the following link. It is not necessary to

Sapphire Breeze's talent is crystal sculpting, especially sculptures of birds.
So I imagined in my mind how her cutie mark might have came to be and came up with this!

One day, Sapphire Breeze and her loyal avian pal Chirpy Chi stumbled upon twinkles of light coming from a nearby cave near their home. Together, they explored the cave and found walls lined with crystals and gems. Feeling excited, they got tools from the house and started to mine and displayed what they have mined in their rooms.

Soon, Sapphy wondered if she could give the crystals she mined a little more "kick" and spent a while experimenting. Eventually, she got all the tools she needed and tried sculpting them. She looked at Chirpy and thought maybe she could try sculpting her friend. What came out was something Sapphire was utterly amazed. She might actually be good at this.

Soon, her flank glowed and there it was.

This was made in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. Transformed into gif using Photoshop.

A higher resolution still image is available here!
Chirpychisapphybreeze by kitkatyj
Chirpy-chi Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Student General Artist
Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I really REALLY wished I could've made you a winner too because I really love this piece as well ;u; You actually freakin animated it omggggggggg plus that cute backstory! Hnnngggggggg thanks so much for entering and also keep up the awesome videos as well ;3 Oh btw, do read the winner announcement journal because there's a little something for everyone who entered at the bottom~
VanillaMarbles Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SPARKELZ º0º Also, amazing job!
OrderInTheCourtroom Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I love how the light from her cutie mark slowly flickers
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